HIV cure a step closer after scientists remove virus’s DNA from living tissue.

HIV cure a step closer after scientists remove virus’s DNA from living tissue.

Scientists have managed to remove DNA of the HIV virus from living tissue for the first time in a breakthrough that could lead to an outright cure.

At the moment, treating the disease involves the use of drugs that suppress levels of the virus so the body’s immune system can cope.

Now researchers in the US have revealed they used gene-editing technology to remove DNA of the commonest HIV-1 strain from several organs of infected mice and rats.

HIV Self-Testing Kit goes on sale in the UK

HIV Self-Testing Kit goes on sale in the UK

April 2015 saw the first legally approved HIV self-testing kit go on sale in the UK. The kit uses a small amount of blood from a finger prick sample to detect the presence of HIV antibodies, the results are shown in minutes. Due to developments in treatments available, HIV is now a manageable disease, early detection and treatment has major benefits.

East Lancs man calls for answers over ‘donated’ HIV scandal

East Lancs man calls for answers over ‘donated’ HIV scandal

AN East Lancashire man is frustrated that a six-year public inquiry into a blood scandal has still not published its final report.

The anonymous Blackburn man, 59, was infected with the HIV virus in the 1980s after being treated by the NHS with contaminated blood products.

Nearly 5,000 British haemophiliacs were infected with Hep C, with more than 1,200 also infected with HIV.

Britons still ignorant about HIV

Britons still ignorant about HIV

Source: Mail Online

How Britons remain ignorant about HIV even three decades after its discovery: One third don’t realise people with the virus can work as nursery teachers or chefs

  • 20% of people think those with the virus can only expect to live for 10 years
  • Only 16% of people realise they can have a normal life expectancy
  • Only 5% of people know it is almost impossible to pass on HIV through unprotected sex if the patient is being successfully treated

By Emma Innes

More than a third of people wrongly believe being HIV positive prevents someone from working as a nursery school teacher, chef or with people with mental illnesses, according to new research.

Can a Modified HIV virus be a cure for Cancer?

Fire With Fire | Ross Kauffman from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.


We’ve recently noticed an inspiring short film circulating on the internet about how doctors in the US have apparently cured a child of leukaemia by “injecting her with HIV”.

Lack of HIV Support in Pendle : Editorial

After spending over an hour typing in a variety of search terms in Google, it appears that the ONLY HIV Support website that is actually listed for East Lancashire (right at the top I might add) is ours – none of the others come close. Try it yourself – type HIV support services in East Lancashire into Google and see what results you can find that cover the Pendle area – you will see that this site is right at the top after the paid adverts.

The nearest Official support services are from Health Living with HIV which is part of Drugsline Lancashire from what I can find, and that has no services listed for or supporting the Pendle area. They are based in Preston, which is an expensive bus or train journey away or about 1/2 hour by car.